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6.01 - The creature

Jun 29 2011 Published by under Chapter Six

Chapter Six

Daniel’s exact response, when he saw the creature lurking there instead of his former lover, sounded something like this: “Gaa.”

It’s the same sound that many intelligent species make when they forget to pay their taxes or realize they are holding a live Nova Grenade.

“Gaa!” the creature repeated, in Daniel’s voice.

Then it let out another shriek, causing its red flesh to ripple like the surface of a stormy lake.

The creature was six-feet tall, three-feet wide, and shaped like a dull bullet pointing toward the ceiling.

It had two tentacles, dotted with knobby protrusions. Both tentacles ended in what looked like a grayish claw. That explained the talons-on-the-asphalt-sound Daniel had heard earlier.

He wasn't sure they were claws though. The tentacles whipped in the air so quickly, Daniel only caught flashes of them as they moved.

The lower part of the creatures body had four vertical lines in it, as if someone had cut it with a large sword.

The creature’s rubbery body had no features, except a small eye above the left tendril. On the creature’s other side, there was a small slit.

A scar. Probably where the other eye used to be, Daniel thought. I’m guessing this isn’t its first hunt.

As the creature moved, Daniel saw that its base undulated like the slimy foot of an Old Earth snail.

An especially-fast snail, that jumped from the ceiling, to the floor, behind Daniel, in front of him.

Could Old Earth snails jump? he wondered, scared out of his wits.

This was another reason for him to want his augmem … so he could determine the adequate zoological comparison to make for the animal about to kill him.

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  • trak42 says:

    o yes it is extremely important to know everything about the creature hunting you, and to know its phylum while it slices through your jugular.

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