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5.23 - Voices

Jun 27 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

Jeska’s voice had come from a spot beneath the aft section of his ship.

It sounded like she was near one of the repellors – the electromagnetic field emitters that acted as the Afterthought's landing struts in a non-freefall environment.

He could hear the repellors humming in the otherwise silent bay, keeping the ship a good 30 feet off the ground.


She's still nearby.

Then he heard the creature shriek.

... It's nearby too.

He spun around, looking for either his lover or her attacker. But there were too many stacks, obscuring his view.

Gotta be quiet. Don't want that thing to know I'm coming.

As silently as he could, he darted from stack to stack, hoping they’d give him a little cover.

He stopped behind a tower of T-shirts and stealthily looked around the corner.


Daniel noted absently that both the coasters and t-shirts had the words “Containment Facility One Staff” written on them in beautiful calligraphy.

He knew he should be making some sort of rescue plan.

But, as he turned another corner of coasters, all he could think about was what he was going to say to her.

“So … how have you been?” had been one of his first coherent statements.

And it made me sound like a complete trumble, he thought angrily. Have to think of something beautiful.

I love you! ... No. Can’t say that. Didn’t even drop that bomb when we were lovers.

So come here often? ... Too cliché.

You’re a pretty as the day you left me. ... Too sad.

Can you believe the food here? … Too weird.

Ugh, nothing sounds good.

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