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5.19 - Missing memory

Jun 15 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

In the faint light of his dumpy ship, Daniel saw the reddish blur skitter quickly into the darkness.

Panting and afraid, Daniel lay completely still, listening to the thing recede. He could still hear its talons/claws scratching the floor as it moved away.

He still wasn't sure what it looked like.

Why couldn’t that Aye have sent me straight to my ship instead of – he paused and understood.

“Bravo, Tour Guide,” Daniel said softly. “What made you think it was a good idea to flit me three feet away from that thing?”

Tour Guide said nothing, which Daniel was actually thankful for.  Its cheery voice would have only aggravated him.

After pushing himself off the ground, he felt his back. The Creature had torn six gashes across the robe.

Daniel gave a tug at the tears, curious about the garment's tensile strength. To his surprise, he couldn’t rip it, no matter how hard he pulled.

Warily, he turned toward the glowing light of his ship in the distance.

Jeska might be there, he thought.

He ordered his augmem to fire up his night vision app to get a better examination of the area.

Augmem not found, read the message on his eyescreens.

Daniel didn't believe it, and again ordered it to follow his instructions.

Augmem not found.

Daniel was stunned.

Without his augmem, he only had access to the few biografted options that every human had at birth: his personal link (the mail box of the 28th century) and his translator (the … translation program of the 28th century.)

Losing his augmem, to Daniel, was more terrifying than the thought facing of the Creature again.

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    Kudos to CalLadyQED for finding three typos in this post. I try to keep those out of the story, but sometimes they slip through.

    Please tell me if you find any.


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