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5.15 - An unwanted goodbye

Jun 07 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

Jeska ordered the administrative mind to dim the lights in the visitor's bay.

Suddenly Jeska felt something wet wrap around her.

She let out a small scream, then realized Prnei had come back to give her one last hug.

“Do not forget me,” Prnei said quickly.

Then he hurled himself back at the ceiling and vanished into the darkness.

“That was very sweet,” said the deep, craggy voice of the Destroyer. “Don’t I get a goodbye?”

“No, but you can go straight to the hell,” Jeska said.

“That’s kind of a goodbye.”

“Shut up.”

“I do have a farewell message for you. “

“Not listening.”

“I wish you the best, Jeska. Truly.”

“… whatever.”

“Actually, I wanted to congratulate you. You’re decision to choose your own happiness above that of another member of your species gives me a whole new respect for you."

Jeska raised an eybrow.

"Kidding, I'll never respect any of you insects."

He paused for a moment before adding.

"Oh, and thanks for giving me another play thing.  I’m sure he’ll be a lot more fun than you.”

For a moment, Jeska's guilt made her consider scrapping the whole plan.

“And wherever you go,” the Destroyer continued, “whatever happens, always remember this: Let me out.”

“Aaaarrrgggghhhhh,” Jeska screamed and knew she would do anything — and betray anyone — to leave this horrible place.

The Destroyer chuckled and said, “Had to get that in one more time. Besides —”

“Prnei, do it now!” Jeska yelled angrily.

Something sharp hit her lower leg. She couldn't see but she knew she was now bleeding profusely.

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