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5.11 - Long time no see

Jun 01 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

“Hey, I don't need the welcome speech again," Daniel said. "Let's just take the tour.”

“Excellent!” the voice said happily. “First, we’ll visit the mariWARNING: EMERGENCY OVERRIDE! EMERGENCY OVERRIDE! EMERGENCY OVERRIDE!”

Then the voice went silent.

“Daniel! Daniel is that you?” said another voice. It came from everywhere, just like Tour Guide's voice had.

It was Jeska.

Jeska! Daniel's mind shouted at him. She’s not dead! She’s here. She’s here and she’s alive. She’s alive!

He was elated.

This whole thing was worth it! I was right! … I guess Rachel owes me a drink… And hey, Trak owes me a drink, too! … If either of them are alive.

When he saw the live image of Jeska’s face flash onto his eyescreens, he forgot about his friends.

She looked the same as she did in her last message. Maybe a bit more a haggard. And was that a little bit of blood on her cheek?

It didn’t matter. She was still breathtaking.

“Jeska —”

“You came, you came!" Jeska said, with a brilliant smile. "I can’t believe it!"

“How…” Daniel said, struggling to form coherent thoughts. This was the first time he had spoken with her in six long years.

“I’ll answer your questions. Don’t worry,” Jeska said. "But I can't speak for long."

Jeska looked lovely, Daniel thought, but she had desperation in her eyes.

And then, with that same mischievous smirk that had stolen his heart years ago, she said, “Speaking of which, you sure took your time getting here.”

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