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5.01 - Darkness

May 18 2011 Published by under Chapter Five

Chapter Five

Having weighed every alternative, it is my learned and considered opinion — please understand, I say this without remorse or equivocation that Containment Facility One sucks.

Lar’Gael, Revered Kwisidian Ambassador
and Stuck Station Captain No. 14,440,028

Daniel saw only blackness. A stench stung his nostrils.

What happened? Where am I?

He couldn’t remember …

Everything flooded back Jeska. Alitma. The Cannon. The Kep Effect. The Afterthought. His friends.  Darkness.

He shuddered involuntarily and couldn't seem to stop.

I’m dead, Daniel thought. I'm dead. I’m dead and my friends are dead and this must be Hell.

He considered the idea for a moment, then dismissed it.

This place feels too real to be hell. Plus, it smells like an uncleaned hospital toilet. Hell's supposed to smell like ... smoke? Fire?

The stench faded away.

Daniel stood perfectly still, waiting for his body to finish shaking.

When it stopped, Daniel patted his torso, his arms and his legs. He found no injuries.

Actually, he felt great. Better than he had in a long time.

More proof that this probably isn’t hell, he thought. ... I hope.

He stomped his feet, testing the feel of the ground. It was spongy and soft.

He noticed he was wearing shoes. He hadn’t been wearing shoes before.

“Is anyone there?” he yelled. "Hello?"

He decided that wherever he was, it wasn't big enough to have an echo.

“Hello?!” he yelled, louder this time.

He turned in a complete circle, hoping to catch a glimpse of any kind of light source. There was nothing.

“Hello?" he called. “Trak? Rachel? Anyone?”

Then, he asked reluctantly, “Alitma?”

No response.

A voice pierced the darkness.

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