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4.13 - No exceptions

May 11 2011 Published by under Chapter Four

Trak continued dissolving.

The Kep Wave, after it had turned Trak’s lower half into liquid metal, had moved some of the molecules in Trak’s body down the Intragalactic PH Scale.

He was now highly acidic.

Trak began burning a hole in the ceiling, and it wouldn’t be long before he fell into Daniel’s quarters. His frame cracked and wilted like a flower in a furnace.

“Trak, is there anything I can—” Daniel asked.

“Don’t touch me!” Trak said with uncharacteristic urgency. “I am now a danger to you! Stay back!”

Daniel couldn’t even place a comforting hand on Trak’s shoulder.

Watching his friend fall apart, Daniel had a bittersweet insight: he had made it through the Kep Effect untouched!

I don't feel any different! Daniel thought, a little guiltily. Maybe we will beat the odds and survive this!

Then he went blind in one eye. And his left side started to shake. And he began dancing and couldn’t seem to stop.

“Gods,” Daniel said.

The Kep Effect had remapped a few hundred-thousand of Daniel’s neuronal pathways. It had just taken a couple moments for the disastrous changes to pile up.

“Nice, nice dance moves,” Rachel-7 said. She wasn’t being sarcastic. That’s how much pain she was in.

Daniel tasted copper, and his extremities felt like they were on fire.

My own body is killing me, Daniel realized. The symptoms sounded familiar, but he couldn’t remember where …

It was hard to breathe.

The world is blurry. Blurrrrrry. Daniel thought, still dancing.

Then he blacked out.

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