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4.08 - A little more Kep

May 04 2011 Published by under Chapter Four

The crew gaped as the Kep Sphere hit the changing point, the transitional moment when it became the Kep Wave.

Instantly, the white globe became transparent, save for a faint milky outline of still expanding globe.

The change gave Rachel-7, Daniel and Trak a window into the physical and chemical mess the Kep Effect had left behind in the ship graveyard.

Some of the debris was now smoldering. Some of it had grown jagged crystals. Some of it looked exactly the same.

As they watched, the wave hit a half-functioning mobile distillery, igniting the flammable liquids inside like a volcanic eruption.

The wave hit an abandoned stellar skiff, cracking it into a mist of burgundy shards.

The wave hit the destroyed Dominian Deathcruiser, rebuilding it in seconds.

The wave hit the Afterthought.

Stuck On: The Kep Effect (Part 3)

Given the random and volatile nature of the Kep Effect, most interstellar governments impose severe Quantum engine restrictions:

Under penalty of death, starship pilots cannot activate the device within 100 miles of any sentient beings.

Under penalty of expensive fines, pilots cannot activate the device within 200 miles of any uninhabited object that an interstellar government might want to use later.

Though dangerous, sometimes the Kep Effect produces lasting beneficial effects:

Organic cells may spontaneously develop more efficient ways of processing nutrients. Damaged objects may return to their undamaged states. Ayes and Meks may learn new processing skills.

Great and impossibly wonderful things can happen with the Kep Effect.

But none of them were going to happen this time.

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  • John says:

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  • CalLadyQED says:

    The Kep Sphere is transporting them into a different universe? I thought the destroyer had already eaten all but one. Maybe I need to go back and re-read. (Or just wait for tomorrow's episode.)

  • John says:

    I edited the final line. I think my original one looked cheesy.

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