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3.12 - A curious thought

Apr 05 2011 Published by under Chapter Three

“I am truly sorry, Alitma,” Daniel said.

And he was. Daniel would have loved to return the extract, forget Alitma , and head to one of his 13,409 favorite bars.

But what happened at Cassandra was my fault, Daniel thought. So the only thing I can say is...

"I can't give it back," Daniel said, his voice almost a whisper.

Then Alitma lost of all pretense of civility. He gripped the metal armrests on his captain's chair and crushed them effortlessly.

"You must!" he yelled.

Then Alitma stood, turned toward his throne and beat the unfortunate piece of furniture into a shapeless metal blob. Bellowing, he ripped what was left of the chair out of its molding and hurled it off screen. The muffled scream that followed indicated the chair had hit an unlucky subordinate.

Then Alitma turned to face Daniel again, his dilated pupils showing his fury.

“What will you do now, worm?!” Alitma snarled.  “You had a chance for freedom!”

As a weary Daniel mentally prepared himself for Alitma’s latest tirade, a curious thought entered his mind.

Why is Alitma here? Daniel thought. I mean why is he here in person? Alitma must have people steal from him all the time. He has thousands of employees and dozens of ships he could have sent to track me down.

Something made him make the trip in the flesh, Daniel realized. There has to be some other reason he’s here, And maybe there—

Hey, here’s something more important than Alitma’s motives, he reminded himself. Your ship is strapped to a building-sized bomb! What are you going to do about it?

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