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2.25 - Stalling

Mar 18 2011 Published by under Chapter Two

“I am shocked,” Alitma said. “I better give up right now.”

“See, Trak?” Rachel-7 said. “He is a good liar.”

“Ah,” Trak said.

“We hacked your ship’s comm systems two days ago,” Alitma said.

Daniel’s face fell.

“How else do you think I have control of your screens?” Alitma said. “I’ve been listening to everything you’ve said for the past 48 hours. And even though Trak is so skilled with dishonesty, I know he can only turn on the auxiliary lighting.”

“Oh,” Daniel said, and thought for a moment. “Well, I’ll still do it! I’ll do it! I will turn those auxiliary lights up even brighter. Don’t think I won’t!

“That was actually pretty funny," Alitma said. "Fire on them in six, five—”

“Wait! Wait again, I mean! You need us alive! You’ll never find the Garna extract if we’re dead,” Daniel said.

Without hesitation, Alitma said, “Or I could simply destroy your ship and take the information from Trak’s broken innards, Rachel’s charred datacore, or your pulverized brain after I reconstruct it. It will be difficult, but I will find what I need."

“You’ve thought this through,” Daniel said.

“I’ve had time,” Alitma said. “Five, four—“

“Before you kill us, at least tell us what you think the Garage is,” Daniel said, stalling.

“Who cares?” Alitma said.

“That’s what I said!” Rachel-7 said.

“Five, four—" Alitma said.

"Soooo, we’re done," Rachel-7 said.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Daniel said.

"As I said before, ‘No,’ Alitma said. "Three, two—”

“I’ll tell you where it is!” Daniel said.

“Stop the firing sequence! Where is the extract, Daniel?” Alitma yelled. “She needs—“

Alitma stopped himself.

“I need it,” Alitma said quietly. “Where is it?”

Daniel was too nervous to think about who “she” might be.

“Just kidding," Daniel said.  "I don't have it. I’ve been stalling this whole time to ..."

It was time to grasp at straws.

"To give Trak the opportunity to really link with this cannon," Daniel said. "Trak just sent me a secret signal. We finally have control. Leave or we'll use it."

Even as Daniel said it, he knew Alitma wouldn't believe him.

"You just tried this exact ruse literally five minutes ago," Alitma said, stunned at Daniel's incompetence.  “And I told you the cannon won't fire. … Your Aye is right. You are an idiot.”

“Thank you,” Rachel-7 said.

“No longer amused,” Alitma asked. “Fire on them now.”

Then Alitma flashed what Daniel thought may have been a smirk.

“But…” Daniel said.

“Idiot,” Rachel-7 said, sighing.

“Impact in point three sec—,” Trak said.

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