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2.12 – Not buying fear

Mar 01 2011 Published by under Chapter Two

The Garage held no terror for Trak.

Not because he was brave, but because he hadn't been built with the ability to feel fear. He was an emotionless killing machine by design.

Nonetheless, in an effort to better understand his friend Daniel, Trak had purchased more than 73 “feeling” upgrades for himself over the past fifteen years.

With the upgrades, he could experience most emotions: sorrow, joy, anger, jealousy, etc.

Fear was the one sensation he hadn't added to his collection; he'd just never found the time.

The day Trak finally decided to purchase a "fear" module was also, by coincidence, the day Alitma started hunting Daniel.

In his hurry to help Daniel and Rachel-7 escape, Trak accidentally crushed the semi-rare upgrade.

Then they were on the run. Since that day two years earlier, Trak hadn't seen any other compatible "fear" modules.

He wouldn’t admit it—because he knew Rachel-7 would laugh—but he was happier not knowing what fear felt like. If it was anything like guilt, an emotion that haunted him every moment, he didn't want it.

In a distant sort of way, Trak did understand that if he did have the capacity for fear, the thought of the Garage would make him, a Saris Brigade Death Mek, curl up in a ball on the floor.

However, because he remained involuntarily courageous, he continued studying the Garage intently.

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