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2.11 – Then and now

Feb 28 2011 Published by under Chapter Two

Using his link to the Afterthought’s systems, Trak changed the image on the main viewscreen, replacing a picture of Rachel-7’s dream ship with a live recording of the Garage.

"Maybe it’s a prototype weapon that malfunctioned," Trak said, after examining the object a few more moments.

“Makes sense,” Daniel said.

“But I’m not convinced it’s the answer,” Trak said.

"You're forgetting the more important question," Rachel-7 said.

"Which is?” Trak said.

“Who cares?” Rachel-7 said.

“I care,” Daniel said.

“Loooove is involved, so you have to care,” Rachel-7 said. “You know, of course, that when we get there, Alitma will catch up with us."

Daniel thought about that for a moment.

"Don’t let Jeska ruin your life again,” Rachel-7 said, the slightest bit of concern slipping through. Then it was gone. "Or my life. Which is worth more than yours. Much, much more."

“Go back to window shopping,” Daniel said.

“I will,” Rachel-7 said and continued scanning ships.

"A trap is still the most likely scenario," Trak said.

Back to the present

Three weeks after the discussion, the possibility that the Garage was a trap weighed heavily on Daniel.

“Alitma will be here soon,” Rachel-7 said. “I suggest we run. Fast.”

“Considering his ship's weaponry, that is the best course of action,” Trak agreed.

“We hold till we find Jeska,” Daniel said.

“That’s stupid,” Rachel-7 said.

“I know,” Daniel said.

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