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1.29 – The decision

Feb 11 2011 Published by under Chapter One

“Riox, you promised,” Prnei said.

“What?” Jeska asked, her eyes narrowing.

“You … can’t … tell … her,” Anderson said, nervously wringing his energy tendrils.

“Promised what?” Jeska asked. She stood up, making her head even with Prnei's gaze.

“It’s dish-honorable and downright wrong,” Riox said, facing the three of them. “But …”

“Riox …” Prnei said nervously.

“Don’t,” Anderson said.

"What?!" Jeska asked

“Prnei, Andershon, and I talked about it oncshe and shwore we’d never do it,” Riox said.

“We also said we would never speak of it again,” Prnei said.

“Ev … er,” Anderson said.

Jeska ran toward Riox and grabbed him with a mix of care and urgency.

“If you know a way out, tell me. Tell me now!” Jeska said, her anger and sadness and fear and even boredom so close to tumbling into madness.

“Not sho tight. You’re hurting me. Jusht let go,” Riox said.

“Sorry,” Jeska said, then let go. "Now tell me!"

Riox told her, then burped.

“That is wrong,” Jeska said.

“Excushe me,” Riox said.

“I meant the plan,” she said.

“I agree. No being could ever be that cruel,” Prnei said.

“But it would be the firsht time anyone got out,” Riox said.

“Yes,” Prnei said. “However, if you went through with it, Jeska, I would be ashamed of you. Deeply.”

“Me too,” Riox said. “But I'd undershtand. I would not shtop you.”

“I do not think any of us would try,” Prnei said.

Anderson said nothing, but he agreed. As the crewmate who had spent the most time with Jeska, Anderson knew her best. That’s why he was already ashamed of her.

Jeska-Bel DotCom cared about others, of that Anderson was certain. But, like many an heiress to a galaxy-spanning, commercial empire, Jeska was spoiled.

“I … would ... n't … stop … you,” Anderson said, after a moment.

Jeska looked over the only friends she'd had for the past five years.

“You’d be ashamed of me?” Jeska said to the group.

They all answered yes.

“But I’d get out,” Jeska said.

“Yesh,” Riox said.

Anderson knew what she would say before she said it.

“Worth it,” Jeska said.

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