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1.18 – The bet

Jan 27 2011 Published by under Chapter One

“How 'bout if I win this round?” the Destroyer said. "I get to tell you my idea when I beat all of you at this stupid game."

“We … know … what … you’re … go…ing … to … say,” Anderson said.

“How can you know my mind?” the Destroyer said, with sudden passion. He always sounded more energetic when he boasted.

"Move ... it ... along," Anderson said, hoping beyond all hope that he could make the Destroyer stop his self-flattery.

“Do you know how much I condescend to talk with you?" the Destroyer said.

Anderson sighed.

"Speaking with creatures of your mental capacity is like Jeska holding a Q and A with plankton," the Destroyer said. "It's degrading.”

“And yet you keep right on talking,” Jeska said.

“What is plankton?” Prnei asked.

The Destroyer ignored him and said, “You think you can understand me? I am the most powerful thing in existence. I bend space-time like you move your limbs. I travel through the barriers between dimensions like you pass through the wind.”

“Ha. … Pass … wind,” Anderson said, trying to get a laugh from Jeska. She didn't even crack a smile.

Anderson was surprised. He had been sure scatological references were considered funny in human culture. Jeska had always laughed at them before.

“You can’t even pronounce my true name,” the Destroyer said, “yet I can speak every one of your languages flawlessly. Your mouth sounds are laughable. Laughable. … Let me out?”

“I’m … out,” Anderson said, dropping his cards to the table.

“I’m out,” Prnei said.

“You already folded,” Jeska said.

“Just wanted to be part of the group,” Prnei said.

"I said, 'Let me out,'" the Destroyer said.

“Most powerful thing in existence," Jeska said.

"Yes," the Destroyer said.

"Nothing can stop you."

"Of course."

"Omnipotent, almost omniscient."

"Yes, yes, we've been over this."

"Then why are you stuck with us?”

“That's an excellent question, Jeska. Let me use my near infinite mental capacity to answer that in the best way I know how,” the Destroyer said. "Shut up."

One minute until the dart was complete.

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  • Stephen Crandall says:

    In my totally objective and completely unbiased opinion, this is the greatest science fiction story ever written.

    Your Dad.

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