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1.16 – Almost there

Jan 25 2011 Published by under Chapter One

By the Destroyer’s calculations, Riox had three minutes to live.

With victory all-but-assured, some of Destroyer's minds considered taunting the crew about the inevitability of the murder plot's  success.

The majority of the minds had decided against that.

No point jeopardizing the plan by boasting was the consensus.

So, the Destroyer tried to keep the crew distracted for a little while longer.

“Speaking of visits, where is the ever-helpful Containment Facility One Administrative Mind?" the Destroyer asked sarcastically. "She’s unusually quiet right now."

“Got … on … Jes… ka’s … nerves.” Anderson said.

“Jeska ordered her to be silent for a week.” Prnei said.

“That liar said I was ugly and fat,” Jeska said, without looking up.

“You know she doesn’t mean it,” Prnei said.

“You are fat and ugly,” the Destroyer said.

The Destroyer was, as was his want, lying. Jeska-Bel DotCom was born beautiful and got better-looking the longer you knew her.

Thanks to genetic enhancements and aesthetic upgrades—purchased by her parents when she was young—Jeska’s appearance literally kept improving over time.

In addition to her raven hair and dark brown eyes, her smile tended to interfere with the electrochemical processes in the minds of human males, and her warm voice multiplied the effect by a factor of six.

On Stuck Station, her looks meant nothing. There had never been a human male, or indeed any other human, aboard Containment Facility One.

“Fat and ugly!” the Destroyer repeated. “Zing!”

There was silence for another moment.

The dart was now two minutes from completion.

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